3 Reasons Why Your Staff Are Leaving You | Episode 050

3 reasons why your staff are leaving you_FYT

Many people are beginning to move and shift as we come out of long lockdowns and transition to the new normal—and this includes the resignation of your employees. 


When your staff or subcontractor suddenly decides to leave, it can cause pressure in your trades business, especially with jobs that have been booked out in advance. 


There are many reasons why this happens, but today, I will share the top three factors influencing your staff’s and subbies’ decision to leave. I also discuss some helpful ways to improve your relationship with your employees and create a healthy culture for them. 


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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction

1:23 The effects of employee resignation 

2:04 Your staff want something more out of their career 

3:01 Keep your line of communication open with your team   

5:14 The business lacks in setting plans and goals 

6:30 Bringing a great deal of certainty to your team 

9:06 Do staff really leave for ‘more money’? 

10:17 Get clear and spend time knowing your numbers 

11:14 Give positive recognition and validation to your staff 

12:01 Create a healthy culture and environment within your organisation



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