3 Steps to Make More Time In Your Trades Business | Episode 047

3 Steps to Make More Time In Your Trades Business_FYT

Time becomes a massive issue among tradies when there’s so much to do in the business, especially without systems and processes in place. 


We often demand it. Yet, there are situations where we still find ourselves (and choose to be) chaotically busy - grappling with paperwork, answering calls every minute, and working longer hours. 


Time is the most valuable resource a person can have, and it needs to be spent sustainably.


So today, let me share the three most important steps you should take to free up more time in your business. I also debunk some ideas around time management that can help you create better choices. 


Feeling like your days run you? Then, this conversation is for you.

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction

1:09 When and how does time become an issue? 

2:15 Possible effects of working longer hours 

3:42 Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable 

6:01 Is time management real and effective? 

7:18 Invest in time like what you do for money 

8:53 Excuses business owners make around time 

11:09 Identify the costs of the way you do business 

12:24 Miranda’s positive mantra about time 

13:53 Recognising your feelings about time 

15:05 3 simple steps to free up more time



Books mentioned in the episode: 


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