4 Steps to Motivating a Demotivated Employee | Episode 098


No matter how hard-working and dedicated you are at work; there will always come a time when you don't want to go up and do anything. You procrastinate until it shocks you how many errors you've made and wasted time.

Demotivation isn't news anymore, especially in business, but you don't want it to drag your employees and business down the rabbit hole. So, step up and find your way out before it's too late!

In this podcast episode, our host Miranda Hill will guide you through these overlooked steps business owners should take to motivate their uninspired employees.

Who knows? These tips might be the key to your business productivity!

Tune in now!

Discussion Points:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Tradie Business School Podcast
  • 01:13 Signs of Demotivated Employees That Need a Fast Solution
  • 04:05 Building Confidence to Ignite Motivation in Your Employees
  • 06:25 How Do You Start Motivating an Unmotivated Employee?
  • 06:55 Do You Know What Your Employees Value the Most? 
  • 10:45 Help Your Employees Feel Confident That They Can Do the Job Little by Little
  • 13:43 Catching Up With Your Employees Lessens the Weight of Their Emotional Disrupt
  • 17:03 Identifying the Reasons for Your Employees' Struggles
  • 19:27 Figure Out What Triggers Your Employees' Lack of Motivation


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