5 Tips to a Website That Converts | Episode 097


When you catch something interesting on your phone, you kind of get into it, and little did you know, you spent an hour or more just scrolling. 

That makes the competition so high in this digital age, and your dusty website is at risk! Your business website needs to be competitive, not only in the good photos but also in the content.

But do you really need a website for your business? Some tradie business owners don't see the importance of having an effective website for their business and, more often, take this for granted. 

For this podcast episode, Miranda Hill and Adam Spencer dig deeply into the perks of having a good website, the cons of having a bad one, and how it drastically affects your business. They will share their experiences and, of course, some tips on a website that converts.

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Discussion Points:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Tradie Business School Podcast
  • 01:20 Do Your Business Need a Website?
  • 02:23 Your Company Needs to Ride the Trend
  • 05:21 Find a Better-fitted Agency That Will Help You Build Your Website
  • 06:45 Your Website Reflects Your Credibility
  • 10:16 How Can You Engage Your Audience for Just a Few Seconds?
  • 11:34 Constructing Your Marketing Strategy Based on Your Ideal Clients
  • 15:16 Authenticity Will Make Your Clients Trust You More
  • 16:42 Investing in a Good Copywriter is Essential to Your Website's Language
  • 19:15 Make Your Website Mobile-friendly


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