Abdication vs. Delegation | Episode 092


There's a fine line between delegation and abdication, and treading through is like walking on thin ice.

According to London Business School, 30% of managers believe they can delegate well, and their team considers only a third of this number a good delegator.

So are you wondering whether you're delegating or abdicating? Join Adam and Louise as they take on an exciting conversation about abdication vs. delegation, what the telltale signs of abdicating are, and how delegating empowers your business and staff.

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Discussion Points:

  • 01:04 The difference between delegating and abdicating
  • 04:31 How abdicating affects your business and employees
  • 05:43 How delegating empowers you and your business
  • 07:53 The effects of knowing abdication vs. delegation
  • 09:10 The dangers of letting abdication be
  • 11:47 Why do we need to take responsibility for delegating
  • 13:00 Telltale signs that you’re abdicating

About our Guest:

Name: Louise Ledbrook

Business name: Founder, Organise Yourself

Louise Ledbrook is a high-performance executive coach, tech entrepreneur innovator, speaker, author, and productivity expert. Her business helps people transform their lives and businesses to achieve the next level of result they've always dreamed of. Whether addressing things in their life or business, she can help individuals implement the tools and techniques specific to their needs.


Visit Louise's Website: organiseyourself.net


Connect with Louise:

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/louiseledbrook

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/organiseyourselfofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/organiseyourselfofficial/



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