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Adam Spencer

Business Strategy Specialist and Performance Coach

the construction industry. His passion for his fellow tradies had led him to become a mindset coach with MentorCo and 'The Game Changer' within the Global Juggernaut 'Game Changers Global.' Throughout his career, Adam has helped set up and manage several companies to turn over seven figures annually.

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Bryan Santos

Business Strategy Specialist and Performance Coach

to help them grow since 2001. He has worked with hundreds of businesses in many industries, helping in the areas of cash flow improvement, strategic growth, capital raising, business exits growth by M&A.

He has built a unique way of seeing opportunities for growth where many haven’t been able to.

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Several tradies run a business without understanding their numbers, causing them to be in the red. With the tools, methodologies, and strategies we offer, we aim to help every trades business owner eliminate finance issues and earn more income than they deserve.


Time is a valuable resource that we need to take control of wisely. We believe that tradies should create a business around life and not the other way around. The principles we provide through our coaching sessions show how building a wildly profitable business while living the lifestyle of their dreams is possible.


An organised system and a strong mindset lessen the pressure of running a trades business. We execute live training to help tradies and contractors set their business in the right direction and develop a different yet crystal clear perspective in making the right decisions.