Addressing the Dilemma of Having a Team that Sucks | Episode 004


The people you have in your team reflect you and your business. Sadly, many business owners are struggling with team mates who just can’t get things right. But before you put the entire blame on them and hire a new set of people to replace your team that sucks, it would be fair to consider a few things first within your organisation. 


In today’s podcast, Miranda and Michael discuss important things to consider especially when faced with the dilemma of having a team of people that sucks. They explain why hiring a new set of people is not always the solution. They also talk about the difference between a brilliant team and a team that sucks and give helpful recommendations that any organisation can start doing to get your people to do what you expect them to. 


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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction 

0:54 People are the biggest problem that we have

2:22 Undesirable behaviors in the team are costly 

3:23 Recruiting is not always the solution 

4:35 False: Finding good people is impossible! 

5:05 A brilliant team vs. a team that sucks 

5:51 Values and behavior 

6:36 Values match 

7:37 Hire for values not just skill 

9:00 Communicate the values you want to see in your team  

11:56 Values and behavior matter 

12:46 Systems and processes 

13:43 Document everything you do 

14:01 Success is built on systems 

14:29 Systems and processes empower teams 


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