How to Build an A-Player Team | Episode 096


Do you ever ask, "Why do my employees leave my company?" but the question should revolve around you asking, "What should I do to make my employees stay in my company?" 

Lucky you! For this podcast episode, we will talk about creating solutions that attract new committed hires and be able to build an A-Player Team that makes an A-Quality output!

Employers should know the importance of their company's long-term goals and values because employees continue searching for an opportunity better fitted to their lifestyle– and salary is just a small part of it. 

Good news! We have our hosts, Adam Spencer and Miranda Hill, to guide us on building an A-Player team to help your business grow and assure business success. 

If you're still not confident if you have a team with A-Players or not, make sure to tune in to the most recent episode of Tradie Business School Podcast!

Discussion Points:

  • 00:00 Welcome to Tradie Business School Podcast
  • 00:50 Getting Wrong Hires Are Liabilities
  • 02:38 The Consequences of Having a B and C Players
  • 05:49 Employee Marketing Can Keep Your Hirees Longer
  • 07:25 Can You Still Attract A-Players Even When They Are Employed?
  • 11:06 Establishing Healthy Company Culture Attracts A-Players
  • 13:27 Creating a Solid Foundation to the Mission, Vision, and Values of Your Company
  • 15:52 How Your Company Culture Can Become a Marketing Tool for New Hires
  • 18:56 Use Your Website as a Tool for Hiring New Employees
  • 19:35 Things to Watch Out for in Advertising a Job


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