How to Know When to Say NO | Episode 068


The pressure to say ‘Yes’ to every job is indeed irresistible for business owners who intend to grow as quickly as possible.


But what they don’t realize is this actually does more harm than good to growing businesses.


Today, we take a deep dive into the problem of not being able to say NO to jobs that you’re not supposed to take, what often causes this, and how we can address this.


By the end of this episode, you should be able to filter out your ‘Yes’ clients from your ‘No’ clients and how you can say NO with ease and professionalism so be sure to hit the play button.

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction

0:52 The impact of not having the ability to say NO in your business 

2:48 Problems that come along with saying YES to a client when you’re not supposed to 

5:02 How to filter clients that you should say YES to from those you shouldn’t

6:57 Knowing your most profitable jobs based on your numbers

8:28  The fear of saying NO to anyone

10:00 Short-term vs. long-term thinking in declining or heeding a job

12:03 What business owners get wrong in responding to client requests 

13:36 Steps to take in saying NO to a client without sounding rude

15:25 Scarcity Mindset vs. Abundance Mindset in accepting/decling offers



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Thank you for tuning in! 

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