How To Manage The Mental Health of Your Staff | Episode 040

How To Manage The Mental Health of Your Staff_FYT

Uncertainties caused by the ongoing lockdowns wobble many trades businesses, impacting your and your staff’s productivity and mentality. 


We have no control over this situation. But a great tradie knows how to balance the equation. 


Today, we share some top tips on how you can best connect with your employees and support their mental well-being during this challenging time. Not only will these steps help you stand out as a business owner, but also hone you as a great leader. 


Watching out for the mental health of yourself and your team is so important now more than ever. Check out this episode to start taking action on what’s in your control!


What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction

1:30 Facing uncertainties in the business 

3:21 Setting a morning ritual to cultivate certainty 

6:31 Create a goal within your control 

8:33 Practice the skill of listening



Books mentioned in the episode: 


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