Should I Hire an Apprentice or Skilled Tradesman? | Episode 003

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We all want to scale our businesses and in order to do that we need people. But the hiring process is not easy, most trades businessmen make the mistake of hiring cheap only to end up in frustration and disappointment. Knowing who to hire is crucial for growing your business, and in order to make the best hiring decisions, processes and systems should be in place. 


In this week’s podcast episode, all three of your hosts, Barry, Miranda, Michael, address the question of who to hire. They delve deep into the dilemma of hiring the wrong person. They also share their process on hiring better and discuss when to hire and not to hire an apprentice. Furthermore, they discuss why you shouldn’t do everything as a business owner and the reason doing it all isn’t the way forward and why you should allow yourself to step back from your business. 


Gain amazing insights about hiring for your business today. Tune in now!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction
0:47 Barry’s personal experience with hiring an apprentice
1:08 Why hiring the cheaper option is not ideal
3:06 Task audit
4:04 The DOCS acronym
5:24 Make better hiring decisions with a process
7:44 The reason why many don’t survive business
8:45 When to hire and not hire an apprentice
11:41 Advantage of hiring contractors
13:16 The problem of doing everything yourself
14:06 Taking a step back to make better decisions and control
16:51 Apprenticeship is a way to pay it forward
17:23 Final takeaways


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