How the Entrepreneurial Mind Can Derail Your Success | Episode 019

The Entrepreneurial Mind Can Derail Your Success_FYT

When you’re a successful entrepreneur, it’s easy to get stuck in what you know. Your business problems are often a reflection of your beliefs and values. What a lot of tradies do is develop their own identities that tell them what is and is not possible for their business. One day, you will encounter problems that will challenge your beliefs, but what can you do to move forward?


This week’s podcast episode has Barry and Miranda talk about how your personal mindset can be a hindrance to your success. They talk about how personal identities shape your decisions on businesses and how awareness can be a catalyst for growth. Barry also shares his experiences of being stuck in a certain mindset and how a new perspective was able to help his business.


Are you sure your beliefs are preventing you from going to the next level in your business? Watch this episode to find out!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction 

0:33 A great business is boring

2:28 Internal conflict preventing success

3:42 Problems in your business are a reflection of you

4:43 Going through the boring bits to transition to what’s next

5:36 Entrepreneurs create unconscious identities

9:11 Awareness is the first step

10:29 The psychology of success in business

11:30 Developing a new believe to what is possible

14:07 Process of reforming your identity

17:19 Recognize evidences of growth



Books mentioned in the episode: 

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