The Real Cost of Distraction | Episode 091


Distractions are costly to your personal and business goals. Studies show that it takes about 25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption. Once you're distracted, it takes significant effort to get back on track to your current task. 


Knowing where and how to start after you're distracted can be an indispensable tool, both personally and professionally. 


In this episode, Adam Spencer and Louise Ledbrook are taking you on an exciting conversation about the real cost of distraction, how to deal with these distractions, and much more. 


So sit back, relax, and tune into this episode.

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  • 00:00  Intro
  • 01:57  Adam and Louise’s Take on Distractions
  • 03:00  Is this a Distraction or an Opportunity
  • 05:30  How Goals are Critical to Managing Distractions
  • 07:43  How to Paddle Back when you’re Distracted
  • 09:45  Biggest Secret to Avoiding Daily Distractions
  • 11:57  Watch out for these Time-sucking Distractions
  • 13:29  How Constant Task Switching Affects Productivity

About our Guest:

Louise Ledbrook

Founder, Organise Yourself


Louise Ledbrook is a high-performance executive coach, tech entrepreneur innovator, speaker, author and productivity expert. Her business helps people transform their lives and businesses to achieve the next level of result they've always dreamed of. Whether it's addressing things in their life or business, she can help individuals implement the tools and techniques specific to their needs.


Visit her Website:


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