The Secret to Getting More Clients For Your Trades Business | Episode 053

The Secret to Getting More Clients For Your Trades Business_FYT

It’s a great asset if you’re getting lots of clients in your trades business right now. But what can you do to improve and make it even better? 


Most tradies believe they don’t need to advertise either because they are receiving too many referrals or making the assumption that customers will keep flowing through their doors. 


The truth is there are always peaks and troughs in business, and just surviving is not staying or sustainable.


That’s why in this episode, I discuss why you should invest in marketing and how to gather meaningful data from your clients and customers, which you can use for your marketing initiatives. 


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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction

1:30 Common marketing myths among trades business owners 

2:08 Your customers’ needs and wants may shift 

3:22 The benefit you could be missing in marketing 

4:01 Understanding your customers’ and clients’ language

5:04 How to gather and record meaningful data from your clients



Books mentioned in the episode: 


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