The Systems for Creating Systems | Episode 018

The Systems for Creating Systems FYT

Systemisation is key to freedom. It allows your business to run and operate without relying on you. For business owners who feel intimidated by systemising their businesses, you don’t have to; you just need to start with one and, from there, create more. Systems also don’t have to be perfect; you can revise and refine them as you see fit. 


In this podcast episode, Barry, Miranda, and Michael discuss how you can create systems for your business. They lay down detailed steps to make systems easier to understand for any person. Michael also highlighted the benefits of using templates to make systemisation simpler and encourage new hires to create their systems.


If you want more strategies that will help your business run more smoothly, then check out this episode!

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction 

0:27 How Barry learned about systems 

1:43 Systems don’t have to be ready before you can start 

3:01 The time thing is the problem 

4:20 The business owner is the worst person to write systems 

5:02 Everyone wants systems but don’t want to write them 

6:13 Templates gives a framework to write systems 

7:06 Challenge the people you hire to systemise their roles

8:27 Define systems 

13:46 Steps of systemisation 

21:06 Final takeaways


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