Why Doing the Work Yourself Is Costing You Thousands | Episode 005

Why Doing the Work Yourself Is Costing You Thousands

A mistake that most trades business owners make that they are not usually aware of is doing all the work themselves. This mistake is because of their understanding that it will save them money and time. While this is true to some point, they don’t know that they are limiting themselves to more opportunities to expand their businesses, therefore costing them thousands of dollars. 


In today’s podcast episode, all three of your hosts, Barry, Miranda, and Michael, talk about the costs of doing all the work in your business. They also discuss why most business owners give in to the voice in their head that limits them. Furthermore, they tackle why a trades business owner needs to position their business to scale. 


Relieve yourself of the burden of doing it all. Tune in to this episode today. ‘

What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction 

0:57 The myth that doing everything yourself will save you money 

2:49 The problem of not charging enough money 

3:43 The cost of time when you’re doing things yourself 

4:36 What do you want to be as a business owner? 

6:09  The business owner should be the strategic thinker 

6:24 Setup the business to scale 

7:48 The voice that limits you 

8:34 Myth: Input equals output

9:43 Leverage assets to increase your value 

10:35 Debug the myth that you need to do everything 

11:12 Transition is costly but worth it 

11:34 Your capacity has a limit 

13:04 There’s someone out there who’s better than you

13:56 What things cost you when you’re doing all the work 

14:46 What are the beliefs that you have 


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