Why You Should Offer Growth Opportunities To Your Employees | Episode 039

Why You Should Offer Growth Opportunities To Your Employees_FYT

Every tradie wants to see a level of growth in their business. Yet, they assume that they must be the only ones on the tools to achieve this. 


This mentality makes trades and contractor businesses shut down because it gets too hard or a shiny new trend that’s more profitable comes up. It limits their thinking to create strategies or even leverage hidden assets - employees. 


So, if you’re looking to expand a part of your business, let us share this powerful strategy that tradies like you need to start considering. We also unlock the opportunities of upskilling your employees and the win-win deal structures you can build to grow your business. 


Learn how to step up your game and not the other way around. Click the play button!


What’s Discussed in This Episode:

0:00 Introduction

1:44 Mentality of business owners when starting a business

3:16 Offering growth opportunities to your employees

4:18 What does earn-in to equity in business mean? 

7:25 Creating deals to gain business partners 

8:18 Cash deal vs. strategic deal



Books mentioned in the episode: 


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